Extending Receiving CVs by Email till 10th of September 2014......PMU needs Experienced Faculty Members for Participating in Its Activities......Establishing New Unit of Intellectual Protection and Patent......Publishing at Association of Arab Universities Magazine......Donors Guide of Funded Projects
Jolene (2008) watch online
Sinners and Saints (2010) online
Into the Abyss (2011) online

Objectives of PMU


  1. Coordinate the development activities inside the University's units in the framework of development strategic plan throughout integrated set of institutional and development projects according to the following pivots:
        • Faculty and leadership development
        • Quality assurance and accreditation
        • Developing the structures and energies of information and communication technology
        • Enhancing the academic and research relations with universities and research centers.
        • Developing the Faculty of Education.
  2. Be the main focal point between the University and the PMU of the Ministry of Higher Education.
  3. Be a center for collecting the academic and research experiences.
  4. Facilitate and open the effective communication channels between the University as well as the scientific and professional entities related to the development projects of higher education internally and externally.


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